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All Designed Up

Straight of the Plane from LA

Just take a look at me, a real good look at me.

I'm all designed up

Got my lipsticks on

My Bucci Bag

and my Pradski Dress

Name: David
Age: 21
Location: Representin the dirrty south - Houston                           Picture:
How Do You Know Us: britney_fans
What Do You Think Of Us: Anyone who despises that fucking cunt loveparishilton as much as I do is pretty damn cool in my book.
Why Should We Let You Join: being your new best friend, I think I deserve it biatch!
If We let You Join, What Fablous Louis Vuitton Or Other Designer Item Are You Going To Buy Us: Oh god I love this question, where do I start? OK - let's see here, these arepretty damn hot

don't you just love Dolce?
Additional Comments? you guys seem like some fierce mo's, oh and i want to make it clear that I'm all for bashing the shit out of all the stupid bitches in britney_fans

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